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Senior Adult
Writing Workshop

Senior Adult
Writing Workshop

JULY 9 – AUGUST 13, 2022


Geffen Playhouse is offering a six-week, online, creative writing workshop for senior adults who seek to grow as writers and theater makers. Participants will develop their voice through writing, revising, and receiving critical feedback.

The process will culminate in an intimate sharing of selected work for invited guests on August 13, 2022 on via zoom. Participants will be guided by two Geffen Playhouse Teaching Artists who are experienced in theater making, in supporting the artistic growth of senior adults as writers, and in facilitating ensemble work.

The introspective sessions will take place on six (6) Saturday mornings at 10am – 12pm (PDT) and will focus on participants advancing their writing, comprehension, and listening skills while drafting, revising, and sharing their written theater piece.


  • Attend and participate in all six weeks of workshops
  • Identify the elements of effective storytelling
  • Write & revise, and give & receive critical feedback on your creative writing piece
  • Share 3-5 minutes of your work in progress to an invited audience


Rudy King
Manager of Community Engagement

Brian Allman
Manager of Theater Education


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