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Playwright and provocateur Neil LaBute's newest play takes off from George Bernard Shaw's quote: "All truths begin as blasphemies." And then we meet John Smith. He's a selfish, philandering liar—or at least he was. After hearing the voice of God during a tragic office shooting, this imperfect man reforms himself and goes on a mission to spread the word about a better way of life. But is John's divine encounter merely a ploy for celebrity, a chance to escape his rocky past, or is it part of an infinite and almighty plan? In The Break of Noon, LaBute explores the trials and tribulations of a modern day prophet—and what he signifies in a jaded world that is thousands of years removed from burning bushes and stone tablets.

Performance Information

Running Time
90 minutes, no intermission.

This production contains mature language and subject matter and strobe lighting effects.

Gil Cates Theater
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